Alexandra Paul
This shop is great at communication and does excellent work for reasonable prices. Their diagnosis was accurate and they didn't try any add ons to raise the bill. Jorge and the mechanics will take care of you. I highly recommend German Auto Master shop for any German car repairs you need.
Lara Flynn Boyel
I had my fair share of bad experiences with Garages and feel pretty good about this one after two visits with my Audi. I recommend German Auto Master.
Ingrid L.
I am really pleased with my experience at German Auto Master. I have a mini cooper, and have received service on this car at two other speciality mechanics in Oakland. One overcharged me (I realized later) and the other made promises he did not keep (including naming a time to come get the car, but closing his shop early without calling me). Jorge was so much more reliable, communicative, and honest. He quoted fair prices and what stood out for me the most, he lifted the car and explained the exact work he intended to do as he pointed out the problems he'd found. I have worked on cars a little bit before, so I enjoy learning more about my engine. It was extremely helpful to see his analysis and to understand the break-down of the charges and parts. I'm not sure if he will have the time to do that for everyone all the time. But since it was a slower day, he was certainly willing, even enthusiastic, to show me. He clearly loves working on cars, and cares about the people he serves. Thank you, Jorge. I hope my car doesn't have any problems anytime soon! But if it does, I'm very glad that I've found my Oakland mechanic!
Steve J.
Great service. Jorge was completely up front with me when explaining what was wrong with my hopeless Passat. He fixed what needed to be fixed and mentioned what should be fixed soon. Definitely, a reputable shop.